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About Buying & Selling Real Estate with Lifetime Properties LLC

Nina & Jeffrey

Buying and Selling a home, especially in Hawaii these days, can be extremely stressful. When our family grew to include two young toddlers, we knew it was time to move out of our small, 2 bedroom apartment. Thanks to Corey's amazing ability to work with others and his superb knowledge of the market, we not only found the perfect new home for us, but we got it for a price that we felt extremely fortunate to have closed with. But then the pressure was on.


Now that we had a new home and a new, much larger mortgage, we really wanted to sell our apartment as quickly as possible. This is where Corey proved to us AGAIN, that he really is one of the BEST realtors out there.


FIRST, he offered his expert advice regarding what we should and should not "fix". After 2 kids, we thought our apartment was in bad shape, needing all kinds of repair and everything from a new paint job, new flooring, and new appliances. We were stressing out! But Corey reassured us that our apartment was actually in very good shape, very competitive with regards to other units in our building and area, and most importantly, he took the time to explain to us WHY certain improvements would be worthwhile, while other may not be.

SECOND, he did a great job staging our unit- really highlighting its strengths. All the contractors he used- from the handy man, cleaners to the photographer who took pictures for us- did excellent work and completely reasonable in their fees. THIRD, He walked us through the process, step-by-step, and always kept us updated and informed. He always gave us his input but ultimately allowed us the autonomy to make the final big decision on things. When we got stressed out or anxious about things, he always made time to address our questions and concerns.

FINALLY, Corey is just innately easy to work with and super likeable! These are qualities that are undoubtedly very important when trying to close a deal with a potential buyer (or seller), but it is something that just can't be taught. I truly believe that the purchase of the home we live in now, and this sale of our previous home was so successfully accomplished because of Corey's commitment, hard work, and 100% care and desire to do what is in the best interest of his clients.


If it’s not obvious yet, we absolutely think Corey is one of the best realtors out there and we NEVER hesitate to recommend him to our family and friends!

Todd & Laurie

Corey consistently delivers on every aspect of client service and makes the entire process as smooth as possible. Not only is Corey professional and incredibly knowledgeable of the real estate market from a technical perspective, he also held our hand and walked us step by step as we became new real estate investors.


Corey is a phenomenal realtor but more importantly is a reliable and caring person. He will always be a part of our wealth-planning team, and welcomed with open arms as family! We look forward to many more transactions - Thank you Corey!


Corey took the lead and was able to assist with all the preparation work needed to get my listing ready for sale. He met with various painters, handymen, and flooring contractors to get the condo clean and immaculate. This was extremely helpful since I live in Los Angeles, California. What made this transaction extra difficult was the fact that we had to time the sale to coincide with a 1031 exchange I needed to do.


If there's one thing I believe in, always use a competent professional. Corey was a perfect example why. A professional doesn't over promise and under deliver. A professional takes the time to analyze all the details and circumstances of your situation and manages expectations and tasks to ensure a successful result. By doing this, nothing is left to chance.


We did all the necessary repairs and upgrades needed to make my property sparkle, and all within my budget. Corey met with each and every contractor and helped me to select the best ones to work with. He then staged the property and hired a professional photographer to capture the best qualities of the property.


In less than 1 week, I had multiple offers to review. I selected one that was ALL CASH and $16,000 ABOVE ASKING!!! There were a couple of hurdles we needed to get through during escrow, but Corey warned me that anything can happen during the escrow process. Corey helped me to negotiate some of the Buyer demands and was able to accomplish an amicable result.


That was just the first step of my 1031 exchange. The final step was to identify my replacement property and close on that one within my 180 day time period. We identified my replacement property, got my offer accepted, and closed well within my 180 day window.


ALWAYS use a Professional. My experience was well managed because of Corey's experience, negotiating skills, and ability to overcome obstacles. I wouldn't trust someone to handle this much of my money if he wasn't 100% capable, accountable, and exceptional. Thank you Corey!


As a former Realtor and original sales person for the condominium project I reside in, I give Corey a recommendation of the highest order.


I needed a Realtor that could assist me with selling my property while I was making a transitional move to San Francisco to be closer to family. My condo was fully furnished with years of personal belongings. Corey coached me on how to prep my unit for sale, assisted with necessary repairs, and created a plan to help me move my personal items to San Francisco. I received a Full Priced offer and Corey continued to hold my hand through the entire closing process. He even provided a mobile notary to help me sign closing documents when I was in San Francisco.


Corey exerted the upmost in professionalism and service. He was a marvel to behold.

Mark & Susan

I honestly don't believe we could have found a better Realtor in all of Hawaii than Corey Kawai. He was so much more than a real estate agent, and more helpful than we could have hoped for.


After my father died, we needed to renovate his property before selling. It was in bad shape and we had a lot of ideas about what had to be done. But within a half hour of meeting Corey at the property, his suggestions had already saved us the amount we would later spend on the real estate commission. And from there, things got even better.


Corey put us in touch with a painter and a general contractor who were both competent and very honest. (The painter came in under the low end of his estimate, the contractor could do everything). Corey arranged for the purchase of new appliances, arranged to have them delivered and installed. He oversaw new carpets going in, a new air conditioner, a mold treatment that was needed, and the bathtub being reglazed. He also secured discounts for us in several areas. We had to do little other than reviewing options and saying yes.


Then he sold our property in the first week it was on the market. We received five offers, one full priced so we knew Corey had determined the best price we were likely to get. He negotiated good terms on our behalf. He then set us up with the title company, handled the papers and delivered the check.


I expected the renovation and sale to be stressful. Corey made it painless and relaxed. We quickly realized we could trust in his integrity as well as his energy and competence. He was unfailingly upbeat, positive and considerate. He was knowledgeable about all aspects of not only the real estate transaction but also the necessary renovation and presentation of the property.


It's cliche to say words fail us but that's the case for me in writing this. In a difficult time, we had the good fortune to be referred to Corey. I wish that I could adequately relay how much his guidance meant to us. I am deeply grateful for what he did for us.

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